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Freelance portfolio for character animation and digital media of Michael Antonicelli

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Mike Antonicelli is a digital artist and animator with over a decade of experience creating a high standard of quality, reliability and experience in all aspects of the animation pipeline. He established Superfantastik in 2008.


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Superfantastik Client Satisfaction

Since our Kickstarter launch date was coming up fast, we needed someone who could help out immediately and work with minimal oversight. Mike went above and beyond by not only finishing everything we asked of him but also taking the initiative to handle aspects of pipeline we’d overlooked. The concerns and worries we have with most contractors just don’t exist when we work with Mike.

Tom EastmanPresidentTrinket Studios

Mike’s animations really elevated our project. I was skeptical that the work could be done on time. Mike eased my concerns by articulating exactly what work he would accomplish each day to reach our goal. He’s a man of his word! Mike is mature, confident and good at what he does. He’s the best!

Sheila ScullinGeneral ManagerNext/Now

Mike is great to work with. Not only is he a great animator, but he is self motivated, and very thorough. While working with Mike, he was always bringing so much more to the work then what I had asked for. He was great to work with, and I look forward to hiring him again in the future.

Ryan DuffOwner and Lead Artist3DDuff

Superfantastik Services

Interactive and Game Art Development

Using Unity

3D and 2D Character Animation

Using Maya, 3ds Max, and Toon Boom products.

Motion Graphics

Video creation and editing.

Web Design and Development

WordPress editing and creation.

Sound Editing

Cutting, noise removal, piecing together, layering.

Image Creation

3D Creation Modeling, concept rendering, character and mechanical animations.
Drawings and Illustration
Graphic design

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